About Milestone Wealth Strategies

At Milestone Wealth Strategies investment decisions are based on a simple and disciplined “Safety-First” approach. We take a proactive approach to capture appreciation in up markets & preserve capital in down markets. Our expertise in Point & Figure charting partnered with our own MAPS technology enables us to produce tactical portfolios that have performed well over the past five years. We have over twenty years of investment management experience and have maintained a reputation of integrity.


Risk Management

Our managers monitor client portfolios on a daily basis to implement our proprietary risk management program. When technical indicators show evidence of position movement, our portfolio managers make calculated decisions in terms of adding or removing a position to/from the portfolios. We may select a variety of holdings in equities, ETFs, ETNs, mutual funds, taxable corporate & government bonds, and CDs as well as implement a variety of strategies including options.


The MAPS Management System

A proprietary technical program developed in-house to recognize changes in trends of global indices, equities, ETF’s, and fixed income areas.

All portfolio positions are technically monitored throughout the day.

Upon adding a new position to the portfolios, a price alert of seven percent (7%) below our initial entry point is entered into our system. Each Friday, after the market closes an adjustable trailing stop alert is entered on each holding if the holding increases in value. If a holding declines in value, the initial price alerts remain in place.
(This is not a sell order, only an alert)

“MAPS” allows us to seek the relative strength in the markets within small, mid, large cap, domestic/international equities/ETF’s, bonds, along with commodity and foreign currency ETF’s and ETN’s. At times, we can have high cash ratios and/or short market indices. MAPS is not limited to one strategy like many other management systems.


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